BOO! *duck*

I love the fact that Peridot from Steven Universe just accepted and rolled with her alienness.  accepting the stickers and other weird things and making meepmorps.  I would get her gem tattooed on me but I think i would have a hard time keeping a job at that point.

(quick note that google wanted to change peridot to period and alienness to aliveness and that just makes my hour.)

So I’ve been doing better as far as my mental illness goes.  Some days are worse because I have to go to therapy or do SSI paperwork and I have to relive a lot of stuff and it makes me sad and anxious and have to take more meds than i wanted to today.  Thanks a lot deb.

Sorry if your name is deb.  I’m sure it isn’t you that i’m frustrated at.  But you could be.

Why you should duck when people say “BOO!”

I call them my Boos and when people are being rude or say mean things or are just being aggravating and anxiety inducing I yell boo and throw one.  They have grown into 4 and more will come.  If you want one let me know.  They’re 10$ in my store.


If anyone is wondering (mostly because i’m not sure if I’ve done this before or not) but I know that I am putting the dollar sign after the numbers because that’s how I read it/ say it so that’s how i’m spelling it.  Society be damned.  I don’t like having to look back to the beginning of your big numbers and have to go is it dollars, cents, yin, or euros?  Fuck people I have things to read!

Moving on.

Say hi to me.  Or your neighbor.  Or no one if you don’t want to.



Buy me something.

ok, i’m mostly just trying to figure out what I should buy for myself.  I fucking made it through this year and I will be damned if I don’t get myself something for it.  Granted, I’m just using this as another excuse to spend money I don’t necessarily have but when you have depression you learn to cope.  Going into debt is a coping mechanism and I’ve heard that it’s better than smoking.  Don’t quote me on that.

So I keep going back and forth on buying a book about witchcraft and other types of pagan topics or a dress for my new wardrobe.  The wardrobe is imaginary but so are all of the book shelves that I don’t have.  Let’s be honest, the only space that is “mine” is my van and even then I get told what to do with it.  I think that’s why I got such a demanding sense of wanderlust.  That all my stuff, all my space, would be mine and I would have it all the time.  It might be small but it’ll be mine.

But maybe I do need something back home.  A place to keep the things and memories I can’t keep in my camper/vehicle.

I feel like i’m losing everything in my divorce.  I’m so depressed.

I’m so sorry.

Happy New Year?