Spinning dogs just need to poop

One of my favorite things to do while home alone, spreading out shots my king size mattress in my jammies, us watch documentaries.

I usually watch the every intriguing ‘conspiracy’ ones or ‘serial killers and their secrets (because we’re secretly hoping you become a copy cat killer, Judy)’. They don’t say it but why else would they provide every detail including HOW THEY FUCKED UP.

Goodnight I have landed on weird things in the world. Apparently dogs and cows can sense the magnetism of the earth and that’s why they spin.

I’m not sure why scientists are researching silly things like this but I like it. I want them to do more.

Inn the flip side… I’m tired. Shit is happening at work and one problem is going to be taken care of and I’m wondering if anything else is happening but I’ll have to wait until Monday.


Aha moments!

So, for the… Probably the 4th time in my life, I smoked pot.  Disclaimer: I don’t condone the illegal use of legal or non legal drugs.  I also don’t particularly think that people should go out and do this sort of shit without talking to your doctor.

I don’t really like what i’m going to tell you now but it all has to do with my aha moment.  I’ve forgotten what it was already, but maybe i can get back to it.  Look, one of the biggest reasons i decided to go with Ben to colorado was for the pot.  I’m nearly 27 years old and never got into it for fear that my mom would somehow find it on me and kill me.  (I can’t say whether or not she would have but only that I feared her.)  And so i didn’t figure it was worth my time yet.  After I got married to ‘Jack’ (name changed just in case the divorce turns against me) I knew it was a no-no because he said that he would probably divorce me for doing something he had been 10 years clean from and something he lived with for years after moving in with his best friend.

tl;dr I grew up sheltered and in fear.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore.


I’ll post again when i find the rest of what i was going to type…. it ran away from me and i fear that only hot chocolate will help…..