Spinning dogs just need to poop

One of my favorite things to do while home alone, spreading out shots my king size mattress in my jammies, us watch documentaries.

I usually watch the every intriguing ‘conspiracy’ ones or ‘serial killers and their secrets (because we’re secretly hoping you become a copy cat killer, Judy)’. They don’t say it but why else would they provide every detail including HOW THEY FUCKED UP.

Goodnight I have landed on weird things in the world. Apparently dogs and cows can sense the magnetism of the earth and that’s why they spin.

I’m not sure why scientists are researching silly things like this but I like it. I want them to do more.

Inn the flip side… I’m tired. Shit is happening at work and one problem is going to be taken care of and I’m wondering if anything else is happening but I’ll have to wait until Monday.


How do you make friends?

I really need to make more friends.  Like, even one more friend would be good.  I know that lots of people survive on being alone and in the internet which i am totally no dogging on.  I’m just not that type of person.  The only problem is that i only have 2 close friends that live near me that I can hang out with when needed/wanted/called upon.  One is my partner and the other is my best friend.  Unfortunately my BFF is moving to a different state this summer.  Which is super amazing for them because they’ll be following their plans and dreams and continue being a super amazing person.  The unfortunate thing is that I cannot go with them, not that I should or whatever, but this means i’m down one person that can get me out of the house when i really need to be pulled out.


Depression totally sucks.  vodka is delicious.

I do not promote drinking while depressed or while on anti depressants.

Please drink responsibly….

and when you’re done please drink some water because hangovers suck.

p.s. the lonely island is funny as hell.

I don’t wanna go to bed!

I feel like im 5 again.  I had to force myself to take my night time depression meds which are supposed to help me sleep (they don’t) and are supposed to pair up with my day time anti depressant to help stop my depression and anxiety.  Neither are currently working correctly and nightmares abound.

I was watching Black Mirror, which is turning out to be really interesting.  Unfortunately Netflix has decided that it doesn’t want to watch anymore Black Mirror and now I’m watching Gilmore Girls.  Of course I’m starving but i’m trying really hard to stay in bed.  It helps that ben is sleep obsessed with cuddling me.  I’m really surprised he hasn’t woken up while I’ve been typing this.

I have orientation for McDonald’s Thursday.  I’m excited and bored already.  They are having it at one of the corporate offices and I’m kind of confused as to why I can’t get oriented at the place where i’m going to be working.  Much faster way to learn what your supposed to be doing.