So many faces

Sometimes, as human beings, we have a tendency to wear faces like masks, interchanging them as deemed necessary before we pass out on our beds/couches/floors/bushes… Whatever. That’s when our true faces show, when we’re sleeping. We don’t have control of how we act in our dreams let alone what others think of us.

Another time we show our true brings is when we’re sobbing our eyes out. No one looks pretty doing that, and for good reason.

If you think I’m going somewhere with this please let me know because I lost my train of thought.

I’m in pain. My neck is out of whack for over a month now.

I’m depressed. Getting threatened at work that you’re going to be raped is one of those things that makes you not want to go near that building ever again. Add panic attacks and having to talk to the police and the fact that he could walk in at any moment and you would freeze like a dumb ass just doesn’t make working easy.

I’m sick.slight fever this morning plus bouts on the toilet are never fun.

I’m in a moment where I feel useless and awful. That moment has lasted all weekend. I couldn’t really cook so I just ate frozen waffles and frozen pizza and brownies.

Winner of worst diet for a depressed person is: probably someone else. Let’s be honest, I can’t tie shoes let alone be healthy.