I missed you too!

Don’t worry my chickidees.  I didn’t forget about you.

Unless you didn’t really notice that I was gone…. then… I missed you….

Ugh.  This entire week has been a complete nightmare.

First.  Ben had to take his daughter to Minnesota to see her mom and blah blah blah so no Ben.

Second. I got the Flu.  That’s right.  The flu.  No, I didn’t get a flu shot.  Yes, I usually do since getting pregnant and having my son.  Speaking of which…

Third. I had my son, all fucking weekend.  While sick and had absolutely no support.  OK, I’m lying.  I had Clara, my best friend.  But only through texts and calls so that I didn’t get her sick.

Fourth.  I had to explain to my mother why I don’t want to live with her, which really sucked because I feel like she has this idea that we can be bffs if we live together.  We can’t.  I’ve accepted it.  moving on.

Fifth.  My van broke.  ish.  It attempted to be more fuel efficient and become a 5 cylinder engine instead of a 6th cylinder that it’s supposed to be.  So it shook the entire drive from a nice little restaurant about 10 minutes from home.

So, my life has been a bit hectic in the past week.  There were a few attempts at an entry but every time I would try, I would either have a breakdown or my phone would die.  I could have typed it on my laptop but I couldn’t type because my brain was blah.


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