Advice I give to others I wish I could follow as well.

A friendly made in the hospital is messaging me today telling me that her husband has embarrassed her for the last time and she’s leaving him. In the past she has run quickly away and inevitably ended back up in the not so good relationship but today she decided differently. Here’s some words that I gave to her that I wish I could follow but I can never remember them so hopefully by blogging them I can reread them and actually do something smart

 part of me thinks that some of these bits of advice falling out of my mouth or because I just watched a video of Oprah giving a super inspiring speech of her accepting an award at the Golden Globes last night ( I can’t remember the award and I’m too tired to research it just look up the video)

But then I remember that the first bits of advice that I gave her before I watch the video so I’m pretty sure it’s just the onset of Hysteria with the flu that I have.