Promptly Written

So, I have decided to try to follow a daily writing prompt… thing, in an attempt to try to blog more.  Not that i’m not blogging enough (or am i…. Can you, my followers tell me?) but I am trying to figure out how to get more followers and more reactions from my current followers.  I know that I should pay for my blog because then it would probably be boosted or whatever, kind of like facebook, but I just don’t have the money.  I’d love to try to monetize my blog but i think i’ll wait just a bit longer.

At least until I can get my trailer.


This is willow.  She is lovey and she missed being home and guarding her couch very very much.  She has demanded cuddles ever since I brought her and her sister (Annabelle) home.  They stayed down in a lovely heated barn kennel with acres of land to run around in.  They were terribly unhappy there and just couldn’t wait to get home.  For those of you wondering they are Blue tick hound mixes.  Mixed with what, I couldn’t tell you because I can never remember.