Crappies and brandy

Hanging out with Ben’s grandparents is really cool. It reminds me of being at my great grandparents house, talking with them and having to talk loud and slow. Its like hanging out with Ents.  Only they are much shorter and smile better. 

Not to mention their drinking is so nonchalant that their adult kids make it for them. “This tastes much better” Floyd told his daughter. He was talking about how she had added a shot of brandy to his orange soda. “I like orange soda” he tells me, “but i like it better with brandy.” And now I’m looking forward to being old so that i can add schnapps to all of my drinks because, fuckit, I’m old and you don’t want to hurt my feelings. 

About 5 minutes later I’m immersed in woodburnings by the plank. Floyd picked it up on a whim and does pretty damn good work. Especially for being 8 million years old.  He decided because i liked them so much that i should pick one out and take it home. Flotsam and Jepson will hang out in my work area in the back of our garage where i can smile and remember.